How To Quiet Your Opponent & Control People

During WWII Hitler viewed people with handicaps as ‘sub-human’ and did his best to eliminate them.  Additionally, all through history we’ve heard of stories about how ‘mental disorders’ were used to get rid of people and/or control them.  Well, here we are …  again.

Now it is being suggested that all adults be examined for mental health reasons and if found to be diagnosed with a ‘problem‘, they should be handled differently than the general public.  Like maybe incarceration?

If government were to be behind this effort, who do you think would define ‘unstable’?  A panel of bureaucrats of course.  If you’re a ‘radical’ like Tea Party people or maybe devout Christian, you could obviously be a potential threat to society.   And if you were labeled unstable, how could that affect you?  Hmmm..?  Let’s start by taking away your ability to protect yourself from others.  i.e., the government bureaucrats!  Maybe start by violating your 2nd amendment right.?

Read the following article.  You can do a search on ‘Mandatory Mental Health Screening’ and you’ll find more than one hit.  This could be one of the final nails in our coffin.??  Tyranny only happens to a weak society — without grounded values and principles.  I think we’re getting there …   fast!

Mandatory Mental Health Screening





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