When is WWIII?

I’ve been telling people for over 30 years when world war three will happen.  And almost to a person I’ve been told, “You’re nuts!”  To help insure my insanity plea, I have followed that with who would be attacking us — Russia and China.

So let’s start with the ‘when’ part of my crazy rant.  Throughout history, wars have been fought for numerous reasons.  But one of the key reasons out of that list has been over things of value — i.e., money/wealth.  Typically this is because of greed or economic disaster.  Today the world is facing an economic disaster.  When you are hungry, that sounds like a personal problem.  But when I am hungry, that’s a different matter.  The worst case is when we both are hungry — then the fun really begins.

Without going into detail, many countries around the world today are facing economic ruin — and that includes us!  Debt is piling up at an unprecedented rate all over the world.  When that happens war is usually not too far behind, much like WWII.  Although the reason(s) were different then, the end result was the same — anger and hunger for power.

So why Russia and China?  They’re both enemies, no?  This question can be answered with an old cliche — ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’  Today the U.S. is the enemy of both Russia and China.  It may not be obvious, but they both have their reasons.

But China depends on our buying ‘stuff’.  They wouldn’t attack us.  They depend on us, no?  All of which has been true.  But things are changing.  China’s economy is imploding.  And unlike the U.S., they have a communist system of government.  When the people of China (many millions) get hungry, they get mad at the ‘party‘.  The communist party (the elite) typically find a scapegoat for their people direct their anger.  Today that ‘goat’ would be America!

Now put that together with a regime which is struggling to stay alive (Russia) and who has dreams of becoming a world power.  Add in the fact that the U.S. has demonstrated themselves to be weak and unable/willing to protect themselves for almost a decade.  What we have is a formula for big trouble.

Lastly when these powers join forces, they do not intend to do so indefinitely.  They are, in my opinion, going to play ‘king of the mountain’.  The two strong countries, willing to fight, gang up on the weak current leader.  Then once they’ve toppled that leader, they fight to see which of the two challengers will ultimately be the world power.

Given the above arguments, add in the fact that both of those powers have been building their war machines for 10-15 years in overdrive!  (Faster than Hitler before WWII.)  Not with troops, but technology.  I don’t think it is unreasonable to estimate a significant war effort within the next ten years or sooner.  Time will tell.  But believe me, you will hear ‘I told you so’ from me…  assuming I’m still around..?

Need more evidence?  Read the following report on what those two countries are up to now.  Believe me, you will see more on this topic from the media in the future when it is so scary that they can’t hide it any more.

The Power Two & U.S. Satellites


During the Iraq war, China’s military were amazed on how fast we accomplished so much in so little time.  Their conclusion?  The giant had good vision – satellites in the sky.  Information and communications goes a long way on a battlefield.  And what they learned is, if we poke the eyes of the giant he will be blind.  Then we have a chance to beat him.  Well folks, here’s their answer to winning…?






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