Communism — A Brief Education

Far too many people in this country aren’t even aware of what communism is, much less understand its implications.  And, many of those people will not believe that it is possible for communism to exist within this country.  Which shouldn’t be too hard to grasp since we have a Marxist running for the office of the presidency  currently!!  i.e., Bernie Sanders  (Not to mention the one in office now.)

I would ask that you take a few minutes to listen to at least one or two of these audio files.  The future of this country depends on people like you to be educated and aware of what is going on — and what it is leading to in this country.  If you don’t want your kids living in a gulag and/or being killed because they won’t support the ‘new world order’, I’d suggest you take the first step toward making a difference…   now!!

Be sure the click on the audio (graphic) on the page to listen to the talk.

Communism Part I — Genesis of Marxism and its Growth

Communism Part II — Spreading of Marxism Throughout the World

Communism Part III — Rise in America (Priority listening)

Communism Part IV — American Radicals Lead the Way

If you won’t take just a few minutes to listen to these fact based lectures on communism, don’t complain to anyone when you are faced with the results of it — in the very near future.  They’ve been paving the way for decades — since 1920 or earlier.



2 thoughts on “Communism — A Brief Education”

  1. Finally listened to this whole series. Too many evil people in the US, and too many morons who are so worried about being politically correct that suck up to and support those evil people.


    1. Scary isn’t it.?!

      Hillary just made another speech and in that speech she talks about what we ‘need’ to do to right America. Among others she suggests we force corporate America to share all of their profits with other ‘companies’. Now I don’t know about you, but the suggesting of forcing anyone in this country sounds like fascism, and sharing sounds like socialism. If you put the two together you get… Communism!!!

      Yes, the democrats had a choice of voting for a communist or a communist!!!? Is this any indicator of where America is today..??


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