Population Explosion — The ‘Left’ Should be going crazy.!?

Today is ‘earth day’ and Americans should be picking up paper and trash everywhere, right?  Mother earth is facing devastation and destruction all because of the people on this planet!  The obvious solution is to eliminate people!!  At least that’s what the progressives would say.

Yet there is a ‘revolution’ in progress changing our world every day — particularly in Europe.  But that problem will be a real threat in the U.S. within just a very few years.  Considering the average majority family in the U.S. has less than two children per family, the average Muslim family has 5+ per Muslim wife!  And considering Muslim men often have up to four wives, that means that one man can have 20+ children!!  How can that happen you ask?  Read the following report to learn how.

A warning directly from Europe





One thought on “Population Explosion — The ‘Left’ Should be going crazy.!?”

  1. A very scary situation that hopefully we will not permit in our country.Trump’s position on Muslims could help control this problem if done properly.


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