Presidential Selection & The Convention

I hear too many people use the excuse, “My vote doesn’t count” to avoid going to the polling booths.  This is certainly not the attitude of a supportive American.  However, as the public gets more educated on ‘the convention’, I can see where their apprehension may grow..?

Apparently there has been less than a dozen people chosen by the convention in our history.  But I am sure that if people are aware of what’s going on (which is unlikely today in most cases), they will be angry.  My guess is that the media will give it their best to make a big splash in the news if the nomination is ‘stolen‘ from one of the candidates.

Read the following report from Pew Research on this topic.

Candidates who don’t win on first convention ballot usually go on to lose




One thought on “Presidential Selection & The Convention”

  1. This MAY be the first time since 1952 that changes may be made in future processes. It all depends upon how the public in total reacts to what may happen. There is a great deal of anger out there!! Franklin Demuth


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