Yet Another Clue

We’re doing great!!  Right!?  No?  Awww come on.  We’ve faced the ‘crash’ and survived.  How much better do you want our economy?

The following is an excerpt from a financial report I received today.  These numbers should concern everyone!

According to Fortune magazine, Walmart lost an estimated $3 billion to shoplifting in 2015 and has made reducing theft a key priority for 2016.  [Does this mean there’s desperate people out there?]

Yeah… the job market is great..?  NOT!

Last of all, GoBankingRates, a national website that tracks interest rates, reported that 28% of Americans have ZERO money in their savings account, 13% had less than $1,000, and 21% don’t even have a savings account.

So let me see..?  If we have any sort of economic downturn (which is being predicted by many institutions in this country), how would we expect these people to survive that crash..?  Considering we already have over 47% of the populace on welfare now, wouldn’t this indicate to us that things are going to get reaaaalllyyyy ugly?  Like shoplifting may be one of the least of our worries..?








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