Jobs in The U.S. & Outsourcing

Outsourcing — once an unknown word.  Now an ugly word to anyone working in the IT industry.  But hey, computing itself is an ugly word if you’re in IT any more.

In the 60’s computers were just getting started in the business world.  I remember thinking, “Well this new career path is helping me, but what’s it doing to the other people?”  As we created more innovative systems to ‘replace people’, I couldn’t help but wonder where all of this was going..?  People were outraged at the fact that their work was being ‘downsized’ using computers.

But not to worry!  “There will be higher paying jobs in the future in the IT industry for you to go to!”  (For awhile)  Then came outsourcing.  The simpler programming jobs started to get outsourced to India.  Time marched on and then various forms of more technical support started to move to other countries.  Now today there are very limited high paying jobs available within the United States.  Using IBM as an example, here’s how things size up in their case.

  • 1990 — There were 400,000 employees within IBM worldwide – 250K within the U.S.
  • 1993 — Layoffs started and 150K employees were dumped
  • 1994 — American jobs started to move offshore
  • 2002 — The entire Help center was in India with rare exceptions;  The entire networking support was in South America; Major operating systems support was being moved offshore;  DB2 (database management software) was being moved to China;  IMS (hierarchical database system software) support was being migrated to Russia;  etc., etc.
  • 2016 — IBM once again has 400K employees world wide, but around 60K or less are employed ‘here’!  And, they are in the process of dumping even more American employees — primarily over 40!!

Now you might ask, how could they violate basic employment rules?  Good question.  Why do we not know the current number of people employed within the U.S.?  Once again, treachery is keeping that information from the citizens of this country.  IBM is currently listing laid off employees as ‘retired’ if they have enough years with the company.  Hence, their federally monitored counts are skewed.  Who cares?  Because the more people they layoff, the more perks the employees are supposed to get by government mandate.

What’s your point you ask?  That corporate America is becoming as corrupt as our government.  And to what would we attribute this to?  A lack of consistent moral or ethical character.  (Easily learned by reading the original user’s guide — the bible.  But then since Bill Clinton was in office we learned that “character doesn’t count”.  And ever since our country has made a sharp turn downward.  And yet people are still wondering where their next job will come from.  Tomorrow that won’t be their primary question, it will be more like where their next meal will come from!!

Fasten your seat belt, the next few years will be a very wild ride!!







One thought on “Jobs in The U.S. & Outsourcing”

  1. A big change from the days I ran a data center in St Louis for AT&T with IBM hardware,software and technical support.

    Franklin Demuth


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