Interview in Jamaica — A Third World View

While returning from Jamaica I was in the airport talking to the wife and an airport worker overheard our conversation.  Being interested, he asked me a question regarding the U.S.. This then turned into a 20 minute conversation.  I thought you might be interested.

Our topic was politics and economics in the U.S.  (Surprise!)  What I found of interest was his view from a third world perspective.  First, it wasn’t a shock to me that he watched CNN on TV (because that’s all they have besides BBC).  But it was shocking that from his perspective he thought we Americans were being fed propaganda as a regular diet.!!  He asked if we believed that @#$%^ and I said it depended on who was listening.  Too many Americans are low end thinkers and buy almost anything from ‘the tube’.  His comment was that we were being ‘programmed’ into a new society.

Secondly, he thinks that America is in big trouble.  Worse for him, he said that the IMF owns Jamaica due to its large debt.  We discussed this for a few minutes and he said there’s no way they can dig themselves out of that hole — much like the U.S. and several other countries around the world.  The numbers are all relative.

What amazed me is what the people who are working get paid.  (Which isn’t all of them for sure!  If you see their living situation, you can tell things are tough!)  This young man who you would normally see at an aircraft boarding gate makes $500 per MONTH!!!
That’s roughly $11.63 per DAY!!  Buying a magazine could cost you days worth of salary!!

So, if I hear one more person complain about their low wages in this country one more time, I may be arrested for assault!  Imagine how hard it would be to get ahead in that environment!!?  And when I hear that illegals are getting paid $35/hr to be construction workers in TEXAS, now that really makes me nuts!  Just imagine how this poor guy felt when I told him that the average illegal alien family in this country draws over $5600/month in goodies from the government (and YOU).!?!  It’s no wonder people are fighting to get to this ‘horrible country’ (as too many believe).

It’ll be interesting to see where we are a year from now…?




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