America’s Future and Today

A very large portion of the people in our country are angry, fed up, and distrust their government — for good reason.  They’ve been fed ‘bs’ for decades and are ready to ‘act out’ if something positive isn’t done soon.  And who can blame them.  But…

The voting (or not) citizens of this country are the ones responsible for those in Washington of which they complain about — for example our current president.  It is the useful idiots of America who do not think with any depth that have put us in this position.  If that angers you, welcome to my world.  Far too many people don’t care, are too lazy, too ignorant, or just plain don’t give a damn what happens — as long as they get their ‘stuff’.

Having become a socialist country (to a large extent) we are getting what we asked for — a crap sandwich.   No matter what you put on the outside, the inside is still crap.  And that is where we are today.  For years we’ve been voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’.  Well, that used to be just a phrase — now it is a fact.

No matter how you cut it, we are in big trouble.  Either way we will most likely be led down a very dark road…  for a long time.  We are at the point in chess where someone is about to say, “Checkmate!”.  One bad decision after another has brought us here and we’re about to step off a cliff.  A cliff leading to hardship and sacrifice.

When voting this November people should ask themselves, “If I were standing before God and he asked me why I voted for ‘that’ person, what would I say?”.  I don’t think because he/she is ‘the lesser of two evils’ would be an acceptable answer.  If the people of this country voted ‘their values’ regardless of who was put up for president, I seriously doubt we’d be where we are today.  And that goes for every congressman, senator, or government official.

If you listened to Trump’s acceptance speech and really ‘read between the lines’ (i.e., interpreted what he was really saying), it should scare the hell of you.  Obviously I am sharing my view which no one needs to agree with, but I see the man as a dangerous person.  He shares traits very similar to many people in history who turned out to be horrible and caused death and hardship.  Hopefully I’m wrong..?

But more importantly, we could potentially be ‘done for’ in very short order, regardless.  Some would say that I am being too melodramatic.  However, consider why the Roman Empire failed.  Read the following list of reasons and then ask yourself, have we completed any of these steps?

Five reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. 

  • First: Rapid increase of divorce, with the undermining of the sanctity of the home, which is the basis of society.
  • Second: Higher and higher taxes; the spending of money for bread and celebrations.
  • Third: The mad craze for pleasure, sports becoming every year more exciting and more brutal.
  • Fourth: The building of gigantic armaments, when the real enemy was within; the decadence of the people.
  • Fifth: The decay of religion; faith fading into mere form, losing touch with life, and becoming impotent to guide it.

Source:  Peace on Earth Ministries

Now consider these verses in the bible.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Pro 14:34)

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” (Psa 33:12)

“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” (Gal 6:7)

We have lost our way and it has become obvious.  When intelligent people start looking at evil answers as potential realistic solutions to our problems, we have lost our way — and our ‘compass’ (God).  Everything is now relative and nothing is sacred.  I’m afraid we’re about to learn a very costly lesson…?






Islam Current Events Update

It would seem that the frequency of ‘attacks’ from Islamic terrorists has increased a bit.  I believe we’re getting to the point that we’re not very much surprised by such events any longer — which is a sad statement.  (John Wesley — ‘What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.’)

France has seen multiple attacks recently and one might ask, ‘why France’?  In short, because the Islamists have a long memory system when it comes to Islam and their history.  The French were one of the more supportive (active) countries during the Crusades.  Strike one.  And they had something to do with the redrawing of the land boarders in the middle east after the second world war.  Strike two.

More recently they have imposed new laws to ‘protect themselves’ from the onslaught of immigrants settling in their country causing the crime rates to skyrocket.  Strike three.

As a result, ISIS et al, have stoked up young angry Muslim men to strike against the French infidel.  e.g., the runaway trucker recently

Which causes us to ask why use trucks?  Because it is not a new use of trucks for jihadists.  Palestinian terrorists have pioneered the use of vehicles to attack (kill) civilians for quite some time — successfully.  Apparently the idea has caught on and has been deemed very efficient economically..?  So why not use it around the world?  My guess is we’ll see more of this tactic in future attacks.

Expect the terrorists in this world to invent new techniques to kill more people every year.  My question is, will things get better or worse here in the United States in the near future..?  I’m putting my money on ‘worse’.  Why should it get better?  We’re not doing much to stop this disaster.  We can’t even call it what it is — Islamic terrorism.  Forget the radical part.  If you are a ‘true’ Muslim and follow the Koran, you are an Islamist.!!  It’s all documented in their Koran.


Why ISIS Hates France

Palestinians Develop Use of Vehicles for Killing





Google and Its Impact on Knowledge

During the reign of Hitler, there were several approaches of gaining information on the ‘targeted few’ — e.g., Jews.  The Gestapo was their primary ‘tool’ used with physical documents being the key sources (or spying).  (Since computers weren’t invented yet.)

Today however, we have Google!!  If the federal government wants any information, all they need to do is ask.  Just a few years ago you’d need a warrant signed by a judge before you received anything from a tech company.  But apparently the rules are changing.  The following article discusses Google and what it is doing and how it can affect us. Scary stuff indeed.

The Power Of Google





Islam and America

There was a recent meeting of ‘Act for America‘ in Dallas, Texas where several speakers shared their information on Islam in this world today.  The following video is of one of those speakers (Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff) who is from Austria and wants to let us know that we are under assault just as Europe is currently.

Far too many Americans are seeing the ‘humanitarian’ effort as something that makes them feel good and reflects a good Christian attitude — but that feeling will be short lived.  The intent of the ‘refugee program’ is not to help people in trouble, but to bring trouble to Europe and this country.  Listen to her words…

Act For America Lecture  — Note this is just a part of the entire meeting.

America is under assault by the ‘progressives’ and is seen as a blockade against the elite power grab of evil powers.  Evil exists, and it has been held back in large part by America for decades.  Once destroyed, the ‘world powers’ can begin their march toward the ultimate — a one world government.  YOU are the only thing standing in their way…





Progressives in America

Most conservatives today believe that CNN, MSNBC, and several other ‘public’ stations are sell outs to the progressive left (i.e., propaganda).  Ah, but it doesn’t end there.  George Soros who funds many leftist organizations also funds websites to spread their ‘progressive news’ with the objective of destroying our country — which is what he does best.  If you want a taste of the kind of hate that the progressive left (aka, communists) want to spread, check out this example of their websites.

Think Progress

Try reading just a few of the topics listed and see for yourself what they are saying.





Militarization of America

The first thing the left jumped to (again) with the Dallas shootings was we need to get rid of guns!  Civilians with guns is BAD!  You aren’t smart enough to use them responsibly or you are a crazy who can’t be trusted with one.

However, our nation’s ‘administrative departments’ have plenty of guns.  Why you might ask?

Yes, there is a hint of conspiracy in my writing.  However, do you not find it odd that within one presidential term we have such an increase in public disturbances?  Consider these numbers:

During the following presidents terms, these are the number of mass shootings that have occurred.

  • Ronald Reagan — 11
  • George Bush I — 12
  • Bill Clinton — 23
  • George Bush II — 16
  • Barack Hussein Obama — 162!!!

Do you believe this is just an anomaly?  If you do, you’re ignoring a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

Consider this:  If our ‘local’ law enforcement were to fail (define that how you may), who would take up the slack?  Answer — the feds.  Now read this report and ask yourself why would administrative departments would need assault weapons..?  The following is a report on where the federal government is spending money on weapons, what kind, how much, etc.  If this doesn’t concern you, don’t complain when ‘it’ happens…

Report on Federal Weapons




Chaos in America

Everyone having learned of the Dallas shootings should be concerned regarding the future of this country and what’s coming.  If you saw what L.A. was like during the Rodney King riots, that is just a taste of what this nation will face in the near future.  (My opinion)  Why you might ask?  Because we are systematically being pitted against each other in the hopes of dividing and conquering this country — the last hope of the world for freedom.  Beyond that, there is the ‘technology factor’ to consider.

If you look at the black out in New York city a few years back and what it started, that will give you a taste of what is to come if the right ‘incentive’ comes along for opportunists.  You can watch a movie trailer of that black out here.  The full length  show is supposed to come out on PBS on July 14th.

Of even greater potential impact — Consider there are two Chinese satellites flying over our heads multiple times per day with EMP weapons in them, we in this country should be very concerned.  But, it would seem that the Voice and Dancing with the Stars still maintain our attention.

I’ve given up on waking the people of this country.  Now I’m just trying to educate those who are paying attention to PREPARE.