Chaos in America

Everyone having learned of the Dallas shootings should be concerned regarding the future of this country and what’s coming.  If you saw what L.A. was like during the Rodney King riots, that is just a taste of what this nation will face in the near future.  (My opinion)  Why you might ask?  Because we are systematically being pitted against each other in the hopes of dividing and conquering this country — the last hope of the world for freedom.  Beyond that, there is the ‘technology factor’ to consider.

If you look at the black out in New York city a few years back and what it started, that will give you a taste of what is to come if the right ‘incentive’ comes along for opportunists.  You can watch a movie trailer of that black out here.  The full length  show is supposed to come out on PBS on July 14th.

Of even greater potential impact — Consider there are two Chinese satellites flying over our heads multiple times per day with EMP weapons in them, we in this country should be very concerned.  But, it would seem that the Voice and Dancing with the Stars still maintain our attention.

I’ve given up on waking the people of this country.  Now I’m just trying to educate those who are paying attention to PREPARE.






4 thoughts on “Chaos in America”

  1. I have been following the news and you’re totally right. Most people just look at this from a racial point of view by both the blacks and the whites but this thing is much deeper than the average person will ever truly understand unless they take the time to read, do their research. This is well planed from the top. Keep doing the good work.


  2. Scary schtuff! I hope the EMP doesn’t hit all the way down here in Panama. It would interrupt my streaming of ‘Sons of Anarchy’!!


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