Militarization of America

The first thing the left jumped to (again) with the Dallas shootings was we need to get rid of guns!  Civilians with guns is BAD!  You aren’t smart enough to use them responsibly or you are a crazy who can’t be trusted with one.

However, our nation’s ‘administrative departments’ have plenty of guns.  Why you might ask?

Yes, there is a hint of conspiracy in my writing.  However, do you not find it odd that within one presidential term we have such an increase in public disturbances?  Consider these numbers:

During the following presidents terms, these are the number of mass shootings that have occurred.

  • Ronald Reagan — 11
  • George Bush I — 12
  • Bill Clinton — 23
  • George Bush II — 16
  • Barack Hussein Obama — 162!!!

Do you believe this is just an anomaly?  If you do, you’re ignoring a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

Consider this:  If our ‘local’ law enforcement were to fail (define that how you may), who would take up the slack?  Answer — the feds.  Now read this report and ask yourself why would administrative departments would need assault weapons..?  The following is a report on where the federal government is spending money on weapons, what kind, how much, etc.  If this doesn’t concern you, don’t complain when ‘it’ happens…

Report on Federal Weapons





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