Islam and America

There was a recent meeting of ‘Act for America‘ in Dallas, Texas where several speakers shared their information on Islam in this world today.  The following video is of one of those speakers (Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff) who is from Austria and wants to let us know that we are under assault just as Europe is currently.

Far too many Americans are seeing the ‘humanitarian’ effort as something that makes them feel good and reflects a good Christian attitude — but that feeling will be short lived.  The intent of the ‘refugee program’ is not to help people in trouble, but to bring trouble to Europe and this country.  Listen to her words…

Act For America Lecture  — Note this is just a part of the entire meeting.

America is under assault by the ‘progressives’ and is seen as a blockade against the elite power grab of evil powers.  Evil exists, and it has been held back in large part by America for decades.  Once destroyed, the ‘world powers’ can begin their march toward the ultimate — a one world government.  YOU are the only thing standing in their way…






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