Islam Current Events Update

It would seem that the frequency of ‘attacks’ from Islamic terrorists has increased a bit.  I believe we’re getting to the point that we’re not very much surprised by such events any longer — which is a sad statement.  (John Wesley — ‘What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.’)

France has seen multiple attacks recently and one might ask, ‘why France’?  In short, because the Islamists have a long memory system when it comes to Islam and their history.  The French were one of the more supportive (active) countries during the Crusades.  Strike one.  And they had something to do with the redrawing of the land boarders in the middle east after the second world war.  Strike two.

More recently they have imposed new laws to ‘protect themselves’ from the onslaught of immigrants settling in their country causing the crime rates to skyrocket.  Strike three.

As a result, ISIS et al, have stoked up young angry Muslim men to strike against the French infidel.  e.g., the runaway trucker recently

Which causes us to ask why use trucks?  Because it is not a new use of trucks for jihadists.  Palestinian terrorists have pioneered the use of vehicles to attack (kill) civilians for quite some time — successfully.  Apparently the idea has caught on and has been deemed very efficient economically..?  So why not use it around the world?  My guess is we’ll see more of this tactic in future attacks.

Expect the terrorists in this world to invent new techniques to kill more people every year.  My question is, will things get better or worse here in the United States in the near future..?  I’m putting my money on ‘worse’.  Why should it get better?  We’re not doing much to stop this disaster.  We can’t even call it what it is — Islamic terrorism.  Forget the radical part.  If you are a ‘true’ Muslim and follow the Koran, you are an Islamist.!!  It’s all documented in their Koran.


Why ISIS Hates France

Palestinians Develop Use of Vehicles for Killing






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