The DNC and the Communist Party

I’ve been trying to educate people on the communist party within the U.S. for years.  To date I’ve received what appears to be only mild interest here and there.  😦  You’d think from that conclusion that people are either idiots or I’m a kook.  I’m afraid my answer is that they are just complacent — way too comfortable.

If people spent any time opening their eyes and really looking at Hillary Clinton, they would run like hell from the idea of electing her their president.  But alas, it would seem that people just don’t seem to care about details or facts.

Well here’s a fact.  The communist party is backing Hillary — surprise!  One thing is for sure, they hate Trump.  Bernie Sanders or Hillary are good options, but Trump is just another disaster according the website.

What I find of entertaining interest, is the fact that the communist party talks the same game as the DNC.  For an example, read the following article on the website.  If nothing else, just skim down the paragraph titles and look at a few of their comments.  It’s amazing the number of egregious lies collected in one article.  However, many you have heard before…   from democrats!  Gosh, whatever could be their true motive for bringing in more illegal immigrants..?

But the worst thing that we are witnessing is the ignorant and naive belief in those and many other lies.  If this trend persists, we are doomed.  In my opinion we are doomed in the short term at least anyway.  I came up with what I thought would make a great T-shirt today.


“At this point, what difference does it make!?”



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