Tactics and Techniques of the Left

Have you ever wondered where our leadership get their tactics?  Do you see any common behavior in Obama and Clinton?  Did you ever wonder where they got their ‘training’?  The answer is their mentor — Saul Alinsky.

Although you may have heard the name before, many people are not really familiar with him, his history, successes, or techniques.  To learn everything you need to know, listen to the following audio files.  They’re only a few minutes each, but well worth your time.  After listening to them you should see how we got to where we are today and who is responsible.

Saul Alinsky Part I

Saul Alinsky Part II

Saul Alinsky Part III

Saul Alinsky Part IV


If you listened to at least half of these files, it should be clear who is ‘fundamentally transforming’ our country and why.  The only question left now is, who’s next and what can we expect to happen next?!









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