‘The Great American Eclipse’ — God’s Billboard

Being one of those ‘seniors’ everyone talks about, I have seen a lot in my lifetime.  But given the last few years, I have seen and heard about more astronomical events than I have in all my lifetime combined.

Recently we had the occasion of  the ‘Four Blood Moons‘ and the ‘Harbinger‘ as two examples.  Now we are about to experience something that hasn’t occurred over America in a long time — a total eclipse.  But like the other phenomena, the dates are important.

The rise of America was a historical world event.  It was the first country to be founded on real freedom and was documented in our constitution of which was effectively cast in concrete (until recently).  But this didn’t just happen at any time in history.  It happened in a specific year (without picking documentation nits).  That year was 1776.

Considering God uses astronomical events as his ‘billboard’ to announce ‘things’, could it be possible that he is using his ‘communications system’ to tell us something — again?!  Now with that lead-in as a setup, please read the following article and ask yourself, “Is God trying to tell us something?”

The ‘Great American Eclipse’

For several years I’ve been telling my wife that the summer of 2017 was going to be very memorable.  Little did I know that it would be that memorable..?! I just hope there’s no crazy jihadi group out there with an EMP to detonate on August 28th..?

All I can say is what I’ve been telling people in the last year or so . . .  prepare.





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