Russia’s Ambitious Plans

In my recent post ‘U.S. Military Readiness‘ I discuss our military readiness — which is not good.  If there was nothing but peace and tranquility in the world it wouldn’t matter.  But we have anything but peace in the world.  Besides the middle east being on fire, and now Turkey getting sucked into the ‘mess’, Russia is now making its moves toward world war.

Putin being an ex-KGB high ranking agent, has plans to reinstate the Soviet Union and to become the world power that he has always believed it should be.  Besides building up the country’s military might, he has already taken Crimea and is now moving forward to the Ukraine.  The following article describes his current actions plus the nuclear capabilities that Russia has developed over recent years.

The good news is, we may not be worried about the economy much longer.  But that problem may get replaced with yet a bigger one..?

Russia & The Ukraine

I’m sure there are some military types that will argue the capabilities of Russia vs. America, but we all know that ‘the administration’ has pretty much crippled our military.  Unless ‘someone’ picks up the gantlet and gets our ‘act together’ quick, we could be in serious trouble in the near future..?





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