‘Refugee’ Update Here in the U.S.

Although I receive dozens of updates on the ‘refugee program’ every week, I’ve chosen to (re)post just a handful of them to give you an idea of how it’s going.  I think the conclusion you come to is, we’re going to be in trouble soon..?

High Costs of Resettling Refugees

Don’t you feel fortunate being able to spend a LOT of our tax dollars supporting non-working ‘refugees’ here in America who typically don’t even support our way of life?  Especially when it costs so little to support them in their current neighborhood.

Norway’s Boarder Fence

Who says the Russians are dummies?  They’ve obviously figured out their refugee problem.

More Refugees and More MONEY for FY2017

Take note of the number of ‘refugees’ they plan on adding in 2016 and 2017.  Click on the RCUSA link to read the actual text.  And when you read their projected numbers consider this, the generally accepted bottom number estimate for fundamentalist or radicals is 13%.  Do the math and ask yourself how long it will take for this country to be one big war zone..?

If you think we’re not under attack, you’ve obviously not been paying attention.  Our own government has been keeping the boarders open for decades letting ‘illegals’ come into the U.S. for a reason — not necessarily the ones you’ve heard.  People have argued for some time ‘why’ this has been allowed — by the left and the right.  Now we’re bringing people into this country that should be an obvious threat to the well-being of the U.S. citizens.

Regardless if you agree with my view as to the ‘why’, one thing should be clear and not arguable — our country is changing into a third world environment.  Fast!!

I recognize you can’t do anything but vote people into office to alter our course.  But I’d suggest you also prepare for what’s next.






6 thoughts on “‘Refugee’ Update Here in the U.S.”

  1. CAIR acts like it is as pure as the driven snow even when their Satanic Quran advocates the killing of the infidels, the raping of infidel women and little children and the promotion of their Sharia Law over the constitution.. CAIR is the Trojan horse for ISIS. CAIR is an exclusive Muslim club using the religion freedoms provided by the American constitution to destroy America from within.

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    1. Unfortunately I must agree. 😦

      But what makes it worse is “we” are helping them!! @#$%^ Very few people are motivated enough to learn what is going on and to speak out. If we got this nation totally pissed off (I think we’re close.?), then maybe the average person would wake up. (I’m just afraid of what they’ll do when they wake up..?)

      But to aggravate things even “more”, CAIR & Co. are working in concert with the progressives (aka, communists) to tear down this country!! My guess is we (the world) only have a ‘few’ years of freedom left..? 😦

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      1. I have been trying to get the word out, however, so far the republicans are equivalent to the walking dead. Very little response from any of them. The Muslims have gotten to them, their heads are in the sand. They just do not want to hear about it. The Muslim culture and Islam needs to be redefined away from the religious definition the Constitution allows protection. Obama has allowed through an executive order religious exemptions for the Muslim culture and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslims in military do not have to fight against their Muslim Brotherhood. Muslims do not have to swear allegiance to America as refugees but they still have citizenship. This Muslim president has betrayed the American people and has had a pass on all his wrong doings along with funding for all his wrong doings. Hillary is in his pocket and will continue Obama’s agenda. This has to be made public to the American voters. Obama is Hillary’s puppet master. George Soro is Obama’s puppet master.


  2. And even worse we’re screwed no matter ‘who’ we vote for this time!! Hillary has communist ties and now Trump has as his key advisor a ‘documented communist sympathizer’.

    I’ve been giving talks for almost three years that this country is being attacked by the communist party (aka, progressives). But my cries seem to fall on deaf ears. I give up…


    1. We have to look at damage control. We are not screwed yet. You have the Muslim take over going on in America and the world. We have the Communist in America looking for a name. I wonder which one will do the American people in first? I would put my money on the Muslim threat as the worst, especially with George Soro as the puppet master for Obama and Hillary.


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