American Exceptionalism

Many of you can remember our ’emperor’ Obama once saying that America is not an exceptional country.  Many of you were were incensed by that statement, and reasonably so.  Since, we’ve been waiting for a leader who believes in our unique status in the world and who celebrates it — by his actions and words.

Check out a statement once made by Donald Trump on this topic.  Regardless of what he says today, do you believe him then or now?


And trust me, Hillary is just as bad or worse.  But neither of them believe in the reason why we are exceptional and/or don’t understand the history behind that statement.  They apparently either don’t know or don’t care that our founders created a new society in this country that was truly based on unique principles that did not exist anywhere else at the time.  Consequently they created a country that became highly successful and was a template for success — for other countries to follow.

I guess that’s why they don’t teach history in this country any longer..?   😦










4 thoughts on “American Exceptionalism”

  1. Hi, hope all is well.  They all talk bull but what you needs to look at is what type of government do you want to live with, a conservative leaning or Marxist leaning? Enjoy,

    Randy Bynum(831) 809


  2. He really shows his ignorance – he has NO IDEA what makes our country exceptional!!! And for him to say he doesn’t have a big ego… what???


  3. In the final analysis do you prefer Trump or Clinton? You can support the Libertarian or Green Party, but is that really a vote for Clinton? We are presernted with a sad situation, but we WILL end up with either Trump or Clinton.Is not voting really a chose under the circumstances?

    Franklin Demuth


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