Warm and Fuzzy or Sharp and Prickly?

Americans are truly the most welcoming, accepting, generous people on the planet — all good traits.  But with all strengths often come weaknesses.  Our soft hearts for others (and sometimes heads) often find themselves prey for those who are absent American values.

Immigration in this country has gone on for decades — illegally.  Before that people around the world were happy to do anything to get into and stay in this country.  Many of those people became successes with wealth beyond what they originally believed possible.  But today, the attitude is much like to many of those in this country — you have it, I deserve it, you should give it to me — if not, I’ll steal it!

Am I saying all current immigrants are thieves?  No.  But what I am saying is, we are in trouble and far too many are not just willing, but happy to see us destroyed.  When will this be obvious to the majority in America??  My answer, not soon enough.

Read the following blog entry and then ask yourself if you are willing to ‘expose‘ yourself to this sort of vial action against hard working Americans.  It is after all, your money!

Another food stamp fraud bust

Most Americans know that we’re going broke. . .  fast!  But how many know that we’re helping the thieves run us over the economic cliff?  Do people not ask why their government is doing this to them?  Have they not figured out the end objective of all this illogical behavior?  Do they not see that we are being guided, no forced into at 17’th century form of government?

As the kids say today. . .   WTF?





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