Criminal vs. Cultural Behavior

If a person here in America commits a crime, we typically see it as an ‘anomaly’.  They’re obviously defective in some way..?  But what if the perpetrator believes there is nothing wrong with his behavior?  Is that better or worse than the first case mentioned?

I write on this topic because we are bringing into this country thousands of ‘refugees’ who are ‘fleeing oppression’.  Yet many of those people represent a much higher crime rate than the average American citizen.  If their culture says criminal behavior (to us) is alright, are they a bad person?  Consider the following example and then ask yourself if we want more of this behavior and social viewpoint?

Cultural Differences

Imagine if you will our future, say in 2050.  What do you think our country would look like if we continue this insanity?  How do you think our grand children will like it?  Worse, the great-grand children!





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