There May Be Hope.!?

Everyone is upset because our country is ‘falling apart’ at the seams.  I would agree.  But the problem is more ‘the people’ vs. the politicians.  If ‘we the people’ got off our dead butts and voted, maybe we wouldn’t be in this predicament.?!  Better yet, if we kept our original ‘American values’ (i.e., biblical value system), we probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

If you do the research you’ll find that the ‘traditionalists’ of today (70 somethings) have conservative values much like the founders of our constitution.  As time passed in recent decades however, we have slipped into a mindset of much more liberal thinking.  Given the ‘progressive’ influences within the U.S., it is understandable that we are where we are today.

But, there’s apparently good news on the horizon.  It would seem that there is at least some evidence that the newest generation may be swinging back to the ‘right’.  The following article explains how the kids in school today are taking on traits similar to the ‘older generation’ (that would be me).  Funny thing, the author describes my 17 year old grand-daughter to a tee!

A New Generation of Conservatives

I sure hope he’s right!!?






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