Border Security and The Next President

For decades we’ve been listening to the politicians talk about closing our borders and getting control of illegal immigration.  To date, nothing has been done worth mentioning.  For the last eight years we’ve had an even worse situation — a president asking people to illegally invade our country!  Why would he do that?

Obama has made it clear (at least to me) that his intention is to destroy the United States as it was intended.  It should be clear that every action he has taken during his reign as ‘supreme leader’ has had the same objective — destroy America from within.  The immigration ‘issue’ and objective is the same today as it has been for several years — inject a very large number of people into this country that are not the ‘best’ the world can offer.  The end game is to create the foundation for a socialist/communist society.  To create a ‘breed’ of people who are dependent upon government.  To rid the world of the last hope for freedom in the world — America.

If you thought we are in trouble with our borders before, please watch the following news report from San Diego.  This blunt report says it all.  The intent and ‘objective’ should be clear — even for those who are ‘in the bag for Hillary’.  (aka, Another corrupt politician wanting to create a society where he/she can be king or queen.)


After watching this video, the question in my mind is, “And what would Trump do?”  I know he says he will fix the problem, but what will he really do in 2017?  Time will tell.  But either way, my guess is that if he takes the same approach as his predecessors, we will see serious civil unrest in this country.  People are fed up — to the max.  They are ready.  Even the responsible and reasonable citizens have had enough.  I believe 2017 will be a very interesting year…   either way.






One thought on “Border Security and The Next President”

  1. Interesting, as I remember my high school days we read Brave New world. From the moment I heard of Obama and his campaign rhetoric of the (2006 – 2008) presidential run it reminded me of the book. It is his play-book. If you remember the book you pretty much know his next move, it’s really no secret. One world government, government controls all and don’t forget the classes of people.

    Are we having fun yet???

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