Giving Up Our Control of The Internet

The internet was first ‘invented’ by universities in the western states (not Al Gore).  Of course, once it took off, the federal government had to be the overseer of it (being the all encompassing entity that it is).  Since, whenever someone wants to create a new website, a specific Internet Protocol (IP) address has to be assigned to it.  That process is controlled by a government entity within the United States.

Currently our emperor is attempting to give control to the internet to a UN based group outside of the U.S.  What this means is that if enough ‘pressure’ is applied, a website may not be able to renew their license and/or continue with their objective — i.e., to communicate information that they want distributed.  In essence, this means we would be giving away our sovereign right to freedom of speech.  Which by the way is one of the few remaining vehicles for the public learning the truth about certain subjects and often learning anything about them!

Some people are not threatened by this ‘minor’ move on Obama’s part.  They believe it’s only some ‘inane technical nonsense’ of no consequence.  But I would argue that this website would not exist if those in the UN found that what I have to say ‘offensive’.  (Not that it could happen!!?)

Read the following article on how the governors of Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Oklahoma are suing the feds regarding this subject.  I would think that if these fours states find this of concern, maybe we should..??





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