Refugees — The Numbers Just Get Bigger!

A lot of people want to believe in their fellow man, and they find numerous ways of labeling ‘evil’.  Instead of saying that someone who commits an unbelievable act is evil, they call them crazy, stupid, or misguided.  The idea being they don’t want to acknowledge that people can be inherently evil.  This is why I believe our country is continuing on its trek ‘downhill’.  We have lost perspective on how to evaluate right from wrong, and very wrong.

My concern is for our country’s security.  For over 200 years we’ve been bringing people into our country and looking them over with a fine tooth comb.  But today, we’re injecting people without proper vetting, endangering the people of America.  If we had a few of these people I refer to, that would be one thing.  But tens of thousands, it yet another matter.  Sounds like an exaggeration?  Read the following article.

U.S. Admits Record Number of Muslim Refugees

The 2017 targets or projections for the federal government to bring ‘refugees’ into our country is over 200,000!  Considering most are Muslims and that the radical percentage is at least 10%, how safe does that make you feel?  So how do you think this will affect our country in the near future.?!






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