Safe Zones, Terrorism, and Security

One of the top priorities of the U.S. federal government is the protection of its people.  Yet today, the current regime is doing everything it can to expose the American public to a progressively more dangerous environment.  My opinion?  No.  Even the DHS is warning us of coming threats here in the U.S.

Homeland Security Warns of Attacks

Ah, but it doesn’t end there…  Now ISIS is even threatening knife attacks much like those in Israel.  And, they are now taking the approach of using ‘lone wolves’ to perform these attacks — not ‘organized groups’.  Why?  Because single attackers are harder to find/track than larger groups who have to coordinate or communicate with each other.

ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks

So while this goes on, our safety is plummeting here in our once safer country.  My suggested solution to this threat?  To create the ‘Safe Zone Safety Act’ here in Texas (to start).  The idea behind my approach is to create a new level of CHL (concealed handgun license) which requires special training to obtain.  That training could, for example: require a higher level of proficiency with their weapon; special training in high capacity venues; and potentially a testing which would require shoot-don’t-shoot scenarios to test the skill level of the shooter.

As an opening thought, current active and retired law enforcement could be considered for implementation rather quickly.  Having already several years of police training, one would think they could potentially meet the physical and mental requirements that the bureaucrats would require.  But hey, that’s just my thoughts.  What are yours?



One thought on “Safe Zones, Terrorism, and Security”

  1. You bring up good points,but let’s not overlook the significant crime problem we have in our country today.

    Franklin Demuth


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