Restoring America’s Economic Mobility

First, what is economic mobility?

Millions of people from all over the world come to this country for it.  They have been drawn to America by the magnet of ‘opportunity’.  The opportunity to come here and succeed, if you have what it takes.  And what it takes is: motivation, drive, a sense of strong work ethic, skills, intelligence (not a whole lot), a desire to succeed, a will to work with others, entrepreneurship,  and the tenacity to keep going, to not give up.

Economic mobility means that you come to this country with $50 in your pocket and possibly have a million in short order compared to most other countries.  But, it is not a guarantee!  Today too many Americans have few of this attributes (combined).  Too many have a sense of entitlement — you owe it to me, I shouldn’t have to work for it.  Why?  Because I’m special!!

Please read the following article which explains why we’re in trouble today and how we could pull ourselves out of this ‘dive’.  A well written article.

Restoring America’s Economic Mobility






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