The Destruction of America — By Americans

Hard to believe?  No.  Americans are fed BS daily via the media at large and eat up the propaganda that they see and hear.  The dumbing down of America is not only real, but it is a total success as an objective.  Far too many people in this country want to use a nit of critical thinking to ‘see through’ the nonsense that they are fed.

But, some of what we see and hear is orchestrated so well that even the person who views with a critical eye TV news, can be fooled.  The Democrats are yelling from the roof tops that Trump is a whiner regarding his comments on the election is being rigged.  But he is not referring to the voting booth specifically.  He means the whole process! Because you see, the ‘rig’ is being down already — now!

You probably have seen several news clips where fights have been started at Trump rallies.  Far too often they were scripted!  Don’t believe that there’s something to Trump’s allegations?  Watch the following videos until you are convinced.  It shouldn’t take long to see the powerful and evil effort going into his downfall.  The question is, will the public be fooled yet again by this treachery?  Will WE the American public be fooled again into electing a communist educated person to run the White House?

Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Worried?  You should be!!



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