Slippery Slope and The EPA

Most people don’t know that the federal government owns nearly 75% of all U.S. soil west of the Mississippi.!!  It all started decades ago when Teddy Roosevelt decided to ‘commandeer’ land for ‘public use’ — i.e., parks.

Since, this process has continued without a great deal of public opinion involved.  Hence a lot of the western states (where all the good stuff is in the ground) are now owned/controlled by the feds.  Ah, but it doesn’t end there…

If you have any ‘liquid adult refreshments’ handy you can read this article describing the EPA’s recent ‘definition‘ of a wetland and a ‘mountain range’.  Make sure you sit down first.

EPA Going Rogue Again

Doesn’t that just make your day!!?  Let see…  what other types of countries do these sort of things?  Ah, yes.  Communist countries!!  And people think I’M nuts!!?



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