‘Peaceful Muslims’ — Another View

If you’re a Muslim with an agenda, you DO NOT want to take on Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian Lebanese woman naturalized here in the U.S.!!  Brigitte has created the national organization ‘Act for America’ which has its local chapter in San Antonio — a hotbed of Muslims (9000+).  Her organization’s objective is to educate the public on Islamic terrorism and the totalitarian political system is represents.  We are at war with millions of Muslims — like it or not.  They have already killed several U.S. citizens and will kill more.  If we ignore this threat, we will reap the consequences of that apathy.

For the few Muslims that want to stand up to be heard (the ‘good ones’).  We also have millions of others who want to be heard — not with words, but bullets and knives.  Check out this video where Brigitte takes on a woman in the audience at their conference who ‘wants to make a point’.  It didn’t end well for her.  And, I might add, I too applaud her for her courage and sound thinking when handling people such as this woman.

Muslims Are Portrayed Badly

Would you take her on in debate..?   Not me!

What we are facing today is not new.  If you watched the video you saw numerous examples of similar behavior from history.  The question is, when will we learn??


Brigitte will be in San Antonio 10/25 at the Village Parkway Baptist Church located at: 3002 Village Parkway, San Antonio, TX   Her talk begins at 7:00 pm sharp and will be well worth while listening to.

Meeting Flyer






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