America’s Internet Attack

Last Friday our country was assaulted (again) via the internet.  Although one can argue if they like — “it’s no big thing” — the key point is ‘it’ is getting to be a bigger problem!  Read the following article and keep in mind this picture:


That, is the degree of impact to the internet within America this last incident alone!  Trivial?  I think not.!!  And what is key, is the fact that this will just continue to become more frequent and more serious.  Hopefully our ‘leadership’ will catch on to the fact that we are at war now and it’s probably going to get more serious!!

New Weapons Used to Disrupt Major Websites Across U.S.

Just one more scary point.  The same people protecting us from this problem are the same ones protecting us from an EMP attack..?!  Ya gotta love these guys…?!





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