White-lash — A Concept Only a Communist Would Consider

You’ve heard it all of your life — “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.”  Well apparently Mr. Van Jones has never heard of that concept.  But what he has demonstrated over and over is his ability to make everything about race.  He and his minions including his leader Obama want to make things about race — everything.  Why?  Because it divides people.  Why divide people?  Because he is part of the evil force trying to overthrow this country — to ‘fundamentally transform it’.  Transform into what?  A communist state where a minor few wield all of the power and have all of the money.

Although our election is over, the hate speech and anti-American rhetoric is not.  The evil progressive movement in this country will not give up.  Because we threw out the criminal in chief wannabe, it does not mean that the battle has ended.  It means that it has now gone from a clandestine effort to an all out war on America.  I predict that we will hear this sort of speech for years to come.  But we need to remain vigilant and strong against the evil that is trying to destroy us.

Listen to him tell of the ‘fear’ that exists in this country.  You’d think we were headed back to the 50’s with future race riots..?  In brief, BS!!


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