Opportunities for Mr. Trump

Whew!!!  We dodged a bullet.!  Eight years of communist leadership is more than enough!!  Imagine what another eight would do!?

So now that Donald is our newly elected leader, it would seem that he has numerous opportunities to excel!  How you ask?  Here are just a few that popped into my head in the last day.

  1. Refugee Immigration:  He said that we would put the brakes on this idea pronto.  Let’s hope he does before it is too late.  Here in Texas we’re trying to push back against the out of control federal nemesis.  The fed wields a lot of power!  Here’s an article on what our Texas leaders have tried.  If this subject goes on unchecked, we could face disastrous consequences.
  2. Hillary’s Criminal activity:  Trump stated that he would create a special commission to address the injustice regarding her actions.  To follow through on this thought would accomplish a great deal if handled ‘honestly’.  If evidence were presented, she were to be convicted in a court of law, and sentenced fairly, it would send a LOUD message to the people of this country that in fact there is ‘equal justice under the law’ in the United States.  Which is long overdue!
  3. Unemployment in the U.S.:  In 1993, under then president Clinton, he chose to change the formula for calculating the unemployment numbers for America.  This is why we are now facing the ‘BS’ numbers we are told daily today by our Pravda driven media.  If Mr. Trump were the man of bravado that he tries to depict, he would address this travesty.  He could declare (by executive order) that the formula for this calculation would be set back to the 1993 status.  He then could accept that the now 9.5% unemployment number is his responsibility.  By using that number as a ‘true’ measure, he could attack the problem and demonstrate his true ability to ‘make a difference’.  If we stuck with the current 4.9% and he reduced unemployment 30%, it would then only change to 3.4%.  But if he used the realistic number of 9.5% it would then be 6.6% — a much greater ‘looking‘ improvement.

My point is that although he faces significant challenges, he has the opportunity to be one of the greatest presidents in the history of this country.  After all, he has been preceded by the worst president this country has seen.  He faces an uphill climb, but has the chance to catch the brass ring of the Whitehouse.


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