Why Move to Texas?

We’ve been asked numerous times why we moved to Texas.  My answer is simple.  I can name that tune in two notes:  California, Texas.

If you look at California (where we moved from), you’ll find a hard left mentality which leads to numerous laws which protect the guilty — not the innocent.  Illegal aliens in California are basically ‘hands off’.

As recent as last week the chief of police for Los Angeles stated publicly that he would not enforce any laws pertaining to immigration.  Although he is not part of the federal immigration system, he is required to report anyone suspected of a crime to ICE.  San Francisco is clearly a sanctuary city.  Concurrently the state is releasing tens of thousands of felons back into society to commit yet more crimes against society.

Here’s just a little evidence of the insanity occurring on a daily basis in California.  Focus on proposition 57 which redefines ‘violent crimes’ — especially the supporters and opposition at the bottom of the page.

Here in Texas there are four cities which are basically venues similar to California as a whole (maybe I meant ‘hole’?).  Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are way left compared the the other 70% of the state.  Where we’re fortunate (for the time being), we have a Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General with right thinking brains.  As a result, this state is moving further toward being the best state to live in this country.

Please read the following article regarding the priorities in our next session of Texas congress.  Only in Texas folks.

Texas 2017 Legislative Priorities

So, it should be rather clear at this point why a ‘good old boy’ from communist central would move to Texas..?!


One thought on “Why Move to Texas?”

  1. Short of family needs that would prohibit it, if we ever decide to settle permanently in the US, it will be in Texas!! One of the last conservative bastions!! GK


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