Trump & Our Future — Optimistic or Pessimistic

Although Trump won the election (as believed by most people), the question now is, will he do even half of what he has promised?  And he’s promised a LOT!

Yesterday I talked to an attorney at the NRA regarding ‘gun free zones’ and what we can do to help alleviate the potential danger.  I was surprised to hear that they weren’t really interested in my idea of creating a special concealed carry license.  Instead their plan is to eliminate those zones all together!  Wow!  And, they believe they have the support of Trump.  What a rosy picture of our future!

The real question is, will things turn around and will we all live happily ever after?  Hmmm..?  I guess that question means we have to look at our current situation with a realistic and/or objective view.

Please read the following article and consider the 11 realities that the author presents.  It would seem to me that they are real and must be faced…  some day?!

11 Very Depressing Economic Realities

Source:  The Economic Collapse

I guess one could look at this as a glass half full or empty.?  How successful do you see Trump and our congress (with a 10% approval rating) over the next four years?





3 thoughts on “Trump & Our Future — Optimistic or Pessimistic”

  1. You must maintain a positive attitude! God is in control

    Franklin Demuth

    Subject: [New post] Trump & Our Future — Optimistic or Pessimistic


  2. Interesting, but now matter how you slice it, no matter who is in charge and NOT fixing the mess, “The Mess” is the result of liberal ideologies and practices. Whether Republicans or Democrats in charge, it is their failure to proceed with Conservative practices that has created the mess we are in now. GK


    1. Amen!!!

      Personally, I’m an ‘optipest’. Which means, I’m optimistically planning for the future assuming I will survive, while assuming the worst and preparing for it. Knowledge is power…


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