The Future of America?

We watch what is happening in Europe and hope that ‘it’ doesn’t come here.  Because the middle-east is ‘on fire’, refugees are flooding into Europe at a rate that assimilation is not a reasonable expectation.  Consequently there is chaos everywhere — it’s just worse in some places.  Today’s polite term for those places is ‘enclaves’.  During WWII they were referred to as ‘ghettos’ when the Jews were the target of conversation.  Ah, but we couldn’t refer to Muslim populated areas as ghettos.!?

But there is a term used today that is even more ominous.  They refer to some Muslim populated areas as ‘no-go zones’.  The following article describes this newer phenomena — which is very scary.  Especially if you consider we can ‘grow’ them here in the U.S.  At our current population growth rates of the various sectors of populace in the U.S., white Americans will be well out numbered in just a few years.  And those evil Europeans who migrated here in the 1600’s are already outnumbered considering all of the ‘minorities’ in the U.S. currently.

‘No-Go’ Zones Take Root in Europe


Once this sort of thing takes hold in a country, their future is very dim.  To turn around such a situation would take more than most people would be willing to accept.  But, with political correctness running rampant throughout the world, anything is possible — even self-destruction…







Abortion vs. Surgical Miracle

‘Children’ not yet born are apparently worthless based on progressive rhetoric.  Killing a ‘fetus’ is of no consequence.  Life is meaningless..?  Kind of like in third world countries — typically communist states.

Well here in America we all haven’t drunk the ‘progressive coolaid’.  The following article describes medical activity today which is simply amazing.  And, it reaffirms the value of life here in America…   so far.

Surgery Before Birth

Isn’t it great to read for a change something positive happening in this world!!?

Our Children and Digital Addiction

Much like the article I just posted on ‘Avery’ (National Geographic & Gender), this article is yet another example of how the progressive movement is trying to destroy our culture in America.  If you don’t think our kids are under assault, read the following article and think again.  All of this in the interest of making our kids ‘better’..?

Kids turn violent as parents battle ‘digital heroin’ addiction


This is information that should be shared with everyone you know who has kids!  A friend of mine is who turned me onto this subject.  His son who was a 3.8 GPA student all through an advance high school is now a 2.0 student and physically attacking his parents (who are great people!).  Yet another life destroyed, at least for now.  Hopefully he’ll turn around..?

National Geographic & Gender

This world is getting sicker every year.  And personally, I believe it is by plan.  America must be made weaker in order for it to no longer be the leader of the world.  If it were not for America’s strong Christian morals and values, this world (in my opinion) would be in even worse chaos than it is today.

Children today are being programmed to think the way the ‘feel gooders’ want them to, not ‘how to’ think.  And National Geographic is doing their best to help twist the thinking of America along with the progressive movement.  (I can’t wait to hear the comments on this article.!?)

National Geographic on Gender

And in ‘her’ own words, hear Avery’s story.

Avery Jackson

I have to ask, who’s more messed up?  A child four years old or parents who are more interested in their ‘acceptance level’ than they are about their own child’s welfare??!  Pretty sick stuff…





Age of Automation

You’ve heard of it earlier.  Now it’s in England…  coming to a town near you.!?

Amazon is now shipping products in England via drone!  Once they’ve gathered enough data, they will roll out the program here in the U.S. where daunting ‘regulations’ exist (for our good?).  When that day comes, just about everything will be available to you at home within ’30 minutes’!!  Watch this video for their report.

Amazon Deliveries




Gun Control — Part XXVIII..?

Will they ever give up?  I doubt it.  The left must take away guns from the American public in order to accomplish their ultimate goal — a totalitarian state within the U.S.  How do they plan to do this?  Via the United Nations.

Obama, just like Clinton, has sent the proposal to the Senate for their approval to ratify the U.N. Arms Treaty which effectively nullifies the 2nd amendment and gives all control of guns to the U.N.  Will they do it?  I seriously doubt it.  But this ‘message’ to the American public should be clear — “We will take your guns one day!”  Scary stuff.

Obama’s Parting Shot


Can you imagine the fear in this country if all guns were confiscated?




Texas The Refugee Leader

As everyone knows, ‘everything is big in Texas’!!  Yeah, well that isn’t always a good thing.  It would appear with the massive influx of refugees from around the world pushed by our FDR wannabe leader, we are now the refugee capital of 2016!?  Read the following article written by the key refugee reporter of the internet.

Refugees for Fiscal Year 2017


So what does this report tell us (me)?  What jumps into my mind is the fact that the progressives are not only attempting to sabotage this country, but more specifically Texas!  Why?  Because Texas is the anchor of this country.  Everyone looks to Texas for leadership or as a threat.  The hard working people of this country wish to aspire to what Texas is, and the ‘left’ aspires to destroy their nemesis, Texas — the conservative anchor of the country.

Now the BIG question to me is, how will this all change (or not) after Trump takes charge?  I’m only hoping that this insanity is stopped — quick.  Predominantly because a disproportionate number of criminals are being injected into our society which leads to honest citizen suffering.  People don’t believe it (yet), but the terrorists in this country are creating very large ‘cells’ to be called to duty when the time is right.  There’s a small army here already!  We don’t need more…