Texas The Refugee Leader

As everyone knows, ‘everything is big in Texas’!!  Yeah, well that isn’t always a good thing.  It would appear with the massive influx of refugees from around the world pushed by our FDR wannabe leader, we are now the refugee capital of 2016!?  Read the following article written by the key refugee reporter of the internet.

Refugees for Fiscal Year 2017


So what does this report tell us (me)?  What jumps into my mind is the fact that the progressives are not only attempting to sabotage this country, but more specifically Texas!  Why?  Because Texas is the anchor of this country.  Everyone looks to Texas for leadership or as a threat.  The hard working people of this country wish to aspire to what Texas is, and the ‘left’ aspires to destroy their nemesis, Texas — the conservative anchor of the country.

Now the BIG question to me is, how will this all change (or not) after Trump takes charge?  I’m only hoping that this insanity is stopped — quick.  Predominantly because a disproportionate number of criminals are being injected into our society which leads to honest citizen suffering.  People don’t believe it (yet), but the terrorists in this country are creating very large ‘cells’ to be called to duty when the time is right.  There’s a small army here already!  We don’t need more…





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