The Alt-Right — What is it!?

Apparently most people haven’t even heard of the term ‘alt-right’.  But those who have apparently can’t define it — not as one definition that is.  The following is a Pew Research article on the subject worth reading.  Please read it and then continue on.

The Alt-Right


So, if you read the article, hopefully you came to the same conclusion I did..?  It would seem that there are a lot of definitions held for one word.  But why?  Apparently, because it is a relatively new term and wasn’t officially defined ‘for the public’.  But why would you do that?  A simple answer, to create obscurity and confusion.

If you study the ‘progressive’ movement, you’ll find that they like to use labels and to create definitions — for already existing words.  In other words, create an environment where you can alter meanings to your advantage.  i.e., make bad good, and good bad

It’s just my opinion, but I believe the term ‘alt-right’ is just another way of defining the enemy in a way that scoops up many people.  After all, if you had a clear definition, would you be able to package as many ideas for one word as has been created?  Would you have as many people against that group as the definers have created?

One thing to remember, the enemy is NOT dumb and has shown more ingenuity than the conservative movement thus far.  (Just look at the progress the ‘alt-left’ has created in the last eight years!!?)  I believe the conservatives are more principled for the large part comparatively to the progressives.  Which is why they haven’t been quick enough to define the ‘alt-left’ for the media to use.  But then what would make be think that they would use it!!?







2 thoughts on “The Alt-Right — What is it!?”

  1. “Which is why they haven’t been quick enough to define the ‘alt-left’ for the media to use.”

    Actually, we aren’t allowed to come up with a term for those morons. That would be, uh, racial…prejudiced….mean spirited….hateful…..greedy… You know, all those things they most certainly are not!! Unbelievable! And yet, they would put us in a box with the KKK!! Whatever. Glad I’m in Panama!!



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