National Geographic & Gender

This world is getting sicker every year.  And personally, I believe it is by plan.  America must be made weaker in order for it to no longer be the leader of the world.  If it were not for America’s strong Christian morals and values, this world (in my opinion) would be in even worse chaos than it is today.

Children today are being programmed to think the way the ‘feel gooders’ want them to, not ‘how to’ think.  And National Geographic is doing their best to help twist the thinking of America along with the progressive movement.  (I can’t wait to hear the comments on this article.!?)

National Geographic on Gender

And in ‘her’ own words, hear Avery’s story.

Avery Jackson

I have to ask, who’s more messed up?  A child four years old or parents who are more interested in their ‘acceptance level’ than they are about their own child’s welfare??!  Pretty sick stuff…






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