The Future of America?

We watch what is happening in Europe and hope that ‘it’ doesn’t come here.  Because the middle-east is ‘on fire’, refugees are flooding into Europe at a rate that assimilation is not a reasonable expectation.  Consequently there is chaos everywhere — it’s just worse in some places.  Today’s polite term for those places is ‘enclaves’.  During WWII they were referred to as ‘ghettos’ when the Jews were the target of conversation.  Ah, but we couldn’t refer to Muslim populated areas as ghettos.!?

But there is a term used today that is even more ominous.  They refer to some Muslim populated areas as ‘no-go zones’.  The following article describes this newer phenomena — which is very scary.  Especially if you consider we can ‘grow’ them here in the U.S.  At our current population growth rates of the various sectors of populace in the U.S., white Americans will be well out numbered in just a few years.  And those evil Europeans who migrated here in the 1600’s are already outnumbered considering all of the ‘minorities’ in the U.S. currently.

‘No-Go’ Zones Take Root in Europe


Once this sort of thing takes hold in a country, their future is very dim.  To turn around such a situation would take more than most people would be willing to accept.  But, with political correctness running rampant throughout the world, anything is possible — even self-destruction…







One thought on “The Future of America?”

  1. One reason people voted for Trump based on his views of isis, inlarging/improving the military, his views on NATO countries contributing to their own defense,etc

    Franklin Demuth


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