America’s Warriors?

There’s been a lot of news regarding our military and how it has been downsized.  OK, so quantity has taken a hit.  But at least we have good quality right?  Wellll…  maybe in some units.  Apparently the Air Force has been weakened substantially.  Says who?  A retired academy graduate!  Read his personal observation years after graduating the academy.

United States Air Force Academy


Imagine how this caliber of ‘officer’ will motivate his troops in the future..?  Good grief, men who graduate a police academy don’t behave this way!!?





Who’s Side Was The Last POTUS On?

I’ve said from day one that Obama was a Muslim communist — and many argued otherwise.  But as the years passed, the evidence of his actions grew significantly.  Just because his father was a Muslim communist, his mother a communist, his grand-parents communists, I guess it’s just assumption that he is..?

Although my opinion/perspective is irrelevant to some, Clare Lopez is a widely respected expert on Islamic terrorism.  Read her opinion below.

Former CIA Officer Exposes Obama

White House Cleaning

Out with the old!!  Yeaaa!!

I don’t know about you, but every time I saw the #$%^& president sitting in front of his Islamic drapes, etc., I wanted to puke!  But of course I had a problem with America “no longer being a Christian nation”.

It looks like the new sheriff in town has decided to do some house keeping.  I must admit, I had my reservations on Trump, but they are fading.  A matter of fact, ya gotta love this guy in many ways.

Trump’s New Digs





Faith, Culture and The Fate of Our Nation

If you have the time to watch/listen to this video, it is a fountain of knowledge and common sense worth hearing.  Two speakers are engaged on stage with questions.  Both give their responses which are very encouraging to hear.  I highly recommend your listening to this Q & A lecture.  My guess is, if you’re like me, you’ll hear the first 5-10 minutes of it and get hooked!  Two very smart guys.

Dennis Prager and Eric Metaxas Forum

Dennis has his website which is and his educational site which is  Both are very educational websites worth checking out.




Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

Intriguing title, yes?  But this topic is worth reading.  Everyone wants to get a CCW (CHL) so that they can carry a concealed gun.  But what about a knife?  Watch the following video and consider two things:  1)  Why not carry a knife as well a gun?  A knife never runs out of ammunition;  2)  Consider different tactics based on this video.  If you see a knife, you’d best get ready (draw your weapon) early if you want to survive.

Gun vs. Knife Training


So the next time you see someone with a knife looking threatening, do one of two things — draw or run…   quick!!




Wishful Thinking?

Now that we’ve gotten rid of the ‘old’ and brought in the new, there are changes on the horizon — lot’s of changes!!  Some may not be all that surprising.  But there are changes potentially coming that are, for me at least, hard to believe.  But, you never know!!?

One of those changes is the possibility of the ATF being disbanded!  Hard to believe?  Read the following article on House bill H.R.1329.

Abolish the ATF?

Consider the impact of such a move.  If nothing else, the economic implication!  Not to mention the potential elimination of scary incidents as we have seen in the past regarding the ATF.