Left vs. Right? Is There a Difference?

Just in case my readers potentially miss it, I’m adding this YouTube video for everyone to watch.  If you ever wondered why congress has only a 10% approval rate, this will explain why!

The following video is of Rand Paul speaking about the proposed budget submitted by the Republican party.  This, after gaining the majority in the House, Senate, and now Presidency.  Incompetent criminals…

Rand Paul on the 2017 Budget


And all of this is done under the guise of repealing Obamacare!!!  Yet another continuing resolution.  The video is a little over 20 minutes.  But you’ll get the idea after only a minute or two.  Truly unbelievable.

After posting this article, I got an idea for an alternative solution to the spending quandary we live with in congress.  Here’s my idea:

Connect the American budget with congress’s salary.  If they cut the budget 10%, they get a 10% raise.  If the budget goes up 10%, their salary is cut.  So let’s look at an example.

Current congress salaries (House and Senate) = $93,625,000/year (poor guys)  So if the budget was cut 10%, their salaries would go up $9,362,500 — a nice raise!  Now considering the current U.S. annual budget is about $3.8T, that would mean we’d save $380B.!!!  At that rate we’d be saving some ‘real money’ before you know it!!  I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a good deal to me!!?

There’s only one problem with my idea…   congress would have to vote on it for approval!!  NO WAY would that fly with the fat lazy self-serving ‘representatives’ we have today!!  (*&^%#$%^






One thought on “Left vs. Right? Is There a Difference?”

  1. Listened to the whole thing. Wow. This is why I emphasize that I am a CONSERVATIVE. I vote republican, only because I think it is the lesser of 2 evils, but I am not at all happy with most republicans. Rand Paul speaks the truth, and doesn’t seem to be afraid to say it like it is. Good for him.


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