Faith, Culture and The Fate of Our Nation

If you have the time to watch/listen to this video, it is a fountain of knowledge and common sense worth hearing.  Two speakers are engaged on stage with questions.  Both give their responses which are very encouraging to hear.  I highly recommend your listening to this Q & A lecture.  My guess is, if you’re like me, you’ll hear the first 5-10 minutes of it and get hooked!  Two very smart guys.

Dennis Prager and Eric Metaxas Forum

Dennis has his website which is and his educational site which is  Both are very educational websites worth checking out.





2 thoughts on “Faith, Culture and The Fate of Our Nation”

  1. I have seen several vids from Prager University. Always very interesting. Watched this in its entirety. Very interesting. I couldn’t completely tell if Prager is a Christian or not. I mean, I get that he is a totally God fearing Jew, but I wasn’t quite sure of his stance on Jesus. When he talked about that in this vid, I wasn’t sure if he was speaking from the point of most non-Christian Jews and telling the audience what they (the non-Christian Jews) believe, or what he himself believed. But either way, excellent video. Would not have normally watched an almost 2 hour video like this, but Tracy has been sick, so I have been kind’of on my own while she’s been sleeping! Take care, Guy Oh ya, I was wondering if the Moody church was your church?


  2. Dennis is something else! I rank him at the top of my list for persons to hear ‘relevant’ views from. As for his belief system, I don’t know either..?? But I will say that he is a mighty bible man — he knows his stuff.
    Our church is Grace church of New Braunfels. Small, but good quality.


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