Wishful Thinking?

Now that we’ve gotten rid of the ‘old’ and brought in the new, there are changes on the horizon — lot’s of changes!!  Some may not be all that surprising.  But there are changes potentially coming that are, for me at least, hard to believe.  But, you never know!!?

One of those changes is the possibility of the ATF being disbanded!  Hard to believe?  Read the following article on House bill H.R.1329.

Abolish the ATF?

Consider the impact of such a move.  If nothing else, the economic implication!  Not to mention the potential elimination of scary incidents as we have seen in the past regarding the ATF.


2 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking?”

  1. Sounds like a worthwhile proposal if you accept the conclusions of the article. I don’t know enough about tghe valus of maintaining a separate group.There is probably some overlap between agencies

    Franklin Demuth


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