Rape Is OK — Under Shariah Law

Heard about any rapes in Europe lately?  Heard that the percentage increases are staggeringly high?  Think this may have something to do with someone’s ideology?  If you do, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!!

Sweden’s rape reports are through the roof (among other European countries also).  And the common denominator is that the vast majority of them are being committed by Muslims.  If you can accept those facts, the next thing is to explain is, why would Muslims disproportionately commit the act of rape?

The answer can be found in the Koran (Quran).  If a Muslim determines that the person in question is an infidel, they are subject to Dhimmitude (Serfdom) and Jhiza (Tax).  Dhimmitude is the equivalent to slavery.  Any infidel who lives with the Muslim has no rights and can be taken as a slave by any Muslim.  The implication being that the ‘slave’ can be raped without fear of sin — the rapist is still considered clean according to Shariah law — i.e., Islamists.

Apparently a relatively recent convert to Islam at Georgetown university is right in line with the Islamists according the to the following article.

Georgetown professor under fire

What scares me is, this is just the beginning if allowed to spread in this country.  The radicals are yelling about racism and bigotry to those who stand up to the ‘bullies’.  But truth be known, this is all part of the theocracy of Islam which will NOT go away without a fight.  The question is, do the American people have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these thugs.??

If not, your kids or grand-kids will be living with this insanity in the not too distant future.  I assume you don’t want your granddaughter raped…  by anyone?





Our Blended World?

Today I received a Facebook post from someone in California.  On the surface it looks very innocuous.  But if you pay attention, it is a political indictment of our current president — embedded within a lot of feel good talk.  Surprise?  No.

When do you estimate we’ll get over this destructive activity of our society from within?  And how much pain do you think we’ll have to go through and for how long before we catch on?  My guess is, a lot over a long time..?  Sad indeed.

Blended World


But, it was once predicted by the Russians during the cold that we would be destroyed not with A-bombs, but by our own hand.  Oh, and by the way, Abraham Lincoln said the same thing over 100 years ago!!  How can an enlightened society be so stupid??




Dearbornistan — What’s The Problem?

Being a racist is being a person who hates based on ‘surface’ values only.  Hating for the sake of hating, is and always will be wrong.  We are told not to hate — we are to love.  Any one of us can find something or someone to hate for a myriad of reasons.  It’s easy to do.  After all, we all make mistakes.

To look at things objectively, evaluate, and then decide what is right or wrong, is what we should do.  But when physical evidence points out that evil is threatening our way of life, it is time that we stand up for ourselves.  Just like facing the bully at school, we must protect ourselves from evil.  Being complacent will never rid us of those who want to destroy us.

Unfortunately, we do have people in this country who want to destroy our way of life.  I know, I watched California turn from what I thought was the perfect place to live to a place of fear, corruption, hate, and a lost sense of hope — which is why I’m not there any longer.

You’ve probably heard of what has happened to Dearborn, Michigan — but with how much detail?  Did you see what has happened?  If not, watch the following short video which gives you a quick tour of that city.

Dearborn, Michigan — Today


Now ask yourself, how many years will it take to turn this entire country into a third world land driven by sharia law and those who disregard our laws and hate our values?  Trust me, it won’t be long at the rate we’re going!!




Pew Research & Statistics — Police

I have referred to Pew Research a lot more than once or twice in the past on this blog.  But, I am currently cautious of referring to them without reviewing their findings a great deal.  I have found that they report ‘statistically’ what is happening in the topic being researched.  But one needs to look at the bias and tone of the report while reading it.  Sometimes the way things are written influences the reader to form a specific opinion — wording matters.

The following report speaks of police shootings and who is doing the shooting.  Having read the report, I can see a great deal of ‘fact’ in it.  But I found that the way they compare the ‘shooting cop’ (the minority) with the others is a bit slanted.  The impression the report gives me is that police who have used deadly force are prone to using force in general — not a fair comparison in my opinion.  But you can read the report yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Police officers who have fired their weapon on duty

A key point to consider is if you have hundreds of thousand of people on the streets with guns with the public’s authority to use deadly force, you’d think a LOT of people would be killed every year.  But you’ll find that it isn’t the case.

I must admit it is a sorry state when you start to question an organization like Pew Research.  But due to political correctness, many of us question almost everything we read, much less what we hear!




Demonstrators or Bolsheviks — Part II

If you didn’t read part one of this topic, please do before continuing as this article builds on the first.  Demonstrators or Bolsheviks?

Allow me to briefly state what my previous articles on communism within the United States would have told you.

The communist party within America has been trying to convert this country into a communist state for 100 years.  As hard as that may be to believe, there are plenty of historical facts to prove it.  They have used their common set of tools to morph this country from a hard working, Christian valued mass of society into one that is more self-centered with an attitude of being entitled than any time before.  They, the communists, have cloaked themselves in many ways including changing their name from communist to progressive.  Today we use the term socialist and progressive when we are really referring to communists.  What is the proof of this change?

If you look at the facts of our economics you will find that we are giving away more entitlements than any other time in our history.  The unemployed during the last eight years has been at times as high as it was during our first serious depression during the 1930’s.  The only reason we don’t have as many soup kitchens today is because we’re feeding (food stamps) almost 50% of the population with tax payer money!  Consequently we don’t feel the impact quite as much as we did then.  (In 1993 president Clinton changed the way unemployment was calculated making the numbers much smaller.)

To my point:

If you buy into the idea that the ‘party’ has been at work converting our capitalist society into a communist state for 100 years, then you can imagine how threatened they would be if anyone seriously made progress toward unraveling that effort.  Enter Donald Trump…

Trump has been in office now for less than three weeks.  Yet we’re seeing an insane level of demonstrations, rioting, destruction, etc.  Why all the upset you ask?  To my point, because they are threatened.  And like the bolsheviks, they will continue to do this as long as the new direction continues.  As Trump demonstrates more ‘success’, they will up their game and create more spectacular ‘demonstrations’.  In their mind, this is a battle that cannot be lost — much like the slave masters in our first civil war.

When I say ‘they’ you might think that ‘they’ are not all communists — which would be true.  Those who are not actual communists or anarchists are poleznym idiots (see part-I).  They wish to fight for a ‘righteous cause’ regardless if it makes sense or not.  They are in the right!  They are special people fighting for the underdog.  Common sense does not apply here.  It is what makes them feel good about themselves that counts.

The good news as I see it is that the majority of Americans fit the American mold — work hard, stay out of trouble, do what is right for the country, and support leadership that supports those values.  If we are the 70% and hold true to our values, fight for what is biblically right, then we will turn this country back around — with pain, but we’ll win.




Demonstrators or Bolsheviks?

Altering language is the key tool of the progressives — which is why they win (a lot).  The typical conservative is polite and doesn’t want to offend.  But they need to hold those who ‘twist’ things accountable.  Where are you going with this you ask?

We’re currently seeing a lot of ‘demonstrations’ where people are acting out violently.  To my recollection I don’t ever remember Tea Party participants burning things or beating bystanders.  So who are these people and where do they come from?

Most of us have heard rumors that some of these people are funded by George Soros.  But what most have not heard is, who in particular is that money going to and how does it get to them.  The answer is the ‘alt left’, aka communists.  Ahhhh, but you say that can’t happen in the U.S.!!?  Allow me to share with you a bit of history.

About 100 years ago a gentleman in Russia wanted to implement Marxism there. He was sold on the idea and knew that it was, in his mind, the only way to build up his country.  But he knew that selling communism would be a challenge, so he called himself a ‘Democratic Socialist’.  (Note that Bernie Sanders gives himself the same title!  Which shouldn’t be a surprise as he has been Marxist for decades.)  So who was that ‘gentleman’ in Russsia you ask?  His name was Vladimir Lenin!!

He had to build up backing for his movement in order to get it implemented — and that meant force — a large group of angry people,  who were willing to use force to get what they were told would be their reward.  That is when he created the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP).  That group ultimately became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

The name given to these people was the Bolsheviks.  If someone was in the way of moving the country to where Lenin wanted it, the Bolsheviks would use violence wherever needed.  Starting to see the parallel..?

Informally Lenin also had another name for ‘his people’.  In Russian that name is poleznym idiots (pronounced pol-ez-nium id-ioots).  Today we see the same ill-informed people on our streets creating chaos.  And to my mind Lenin’s nickname for those who helped create chaos for the sake of creating a new communist state in Russia also applies to the poleznym idiots here in the U.S. — that’s ‘useful idiots’ in English by the way.

This really isn’t a humorous subject.  The communist party here in the U.S. has been trying to convert our country through anarchy for decades.  They just haven’t gotten the idiots riled up enough to start a civil war.  However, if we keep marching down the road we are on …   it could happen.??

Now is the time for objective thinking Americans to share logical fact based knowledge wherever possible with those who have been swept up with the propaganda of the left.  Don’t fight them, educate them when you can.  The important thing to remember is, “we surround them”, they are the minority — for now.




Concealed Carry Permits (CCW)

Having been in law enforcement decades starting in the 70’s, I learned early on that church leaders (pastors, etc.) were more likely to commit a crime than a policeman.  (Hard to believe, I know.)

Ah, but wait!  I have some statistics that may be even harder to get your head wrapped around!!?  The following was taken from the February, 2017 issue of the NRA ‘Rifleman’ magazine.

Carry Permit Figures Surge in 2016

Permit holders, as a class, tend to be substantially more law-abiding than the general population. The Crime Prevention Research Center notes that the crime rate for the
general population is 37 times higher than the rate for police officers, yet concealed-carry permit holders “are convicted of felonies and misdemeanors at less than a sixth the rate for police officers.”  Overall, gun crime victimization is substantially lower than it was 20 years ago, while the number of individuals legally carrying firearms has skyrocketed.

. . . .  The concept of national reciprocity of carry permits has been formally endorsed by President Donald Trump, and U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., has already announced plans to push forward a Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 when the new Congress meets next year.

So if the ‘left’ has argued guns are evil, how do you reconcile these numbers..??  And given these stats, how far do CCW holders have to go to prove they can be trusted?