Refugees — What Is The Truth?

Just about any source of information today is suspect — for good reason.  Too many sources do not reference where they get their information and do not vet them properly in the first place.  Besides, with the advent of ‘political correctness’, there is no universal truth!!

But, there are a few sources worth checking — e.g., Pew Research.  The following article shows that we are ‘giving away the farm’ more than we have in years!  Check out the statistics in their article:

Key facts about refugees to the U.S.


Considering the crazy numbers of people we’re bringing into America, we’re not even close to what the ‘feel-gooders’ are doing in Europe.  But hopefully we won’t ever!!?  Who wants to be afraid to go to your local coffee shop?  Or relax in a movie theater waiting for some idiot to come in and shoot the place up or blow off a bomb?  It’s all a matter of probabilities as to the likely hood of another significant attack.  It’s about numbers.  The estimated minimum percentage of ‘radical Muslims’ (terrorists) is 13% worldwide.

But here’s the good news…  We are waaayyyy behind the rest of the world regarding the import of crazy people from the middle east.  Check out this other report from Pew.  But do the math with that 13% and see how many estimated dangerous people we have in America!!?  But we’re still better than Germany, that’s for sure.

World’s Muslim population

Now see!!  I do put out good news occasionally!?!




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