Demonstrators or Bolsheviks?

Altering language is the key tool of the progressives — which is why they win (a lot).  The typical conservative is polite and doesn’t want to offend.  But they need to hold those who ‘twist’ things accountable.  Where are you going with this you ask?

We’re currently seeing a lot of ‘demonstrations’ where people are acting out violently.  To my recollection I don’t ever remember Tea Party participants burning things or beating bystanders.  So who are these people and where do they come from?

Most of us have heard rumors that some of these people are funded by George Soros.  But what most have not heard is, who in particular is that money going to and how does it get to them.  The answer is the ‘alt left’, aka communists.  Ahhhh, but you say that can’t happen in the U.S.!!?  Allow me to share with you a bit of history.

About 100 years ago a gentleman in Russia wanted to implement Marxism there. He was sold on the idea and knew that it was, in his mind, the only way to build up his country.  But he knew that selling communism would be a challenge, so he called himself a ‘Democratic Socialist’.  (Note that Bernie Sanders gives himself the same title!  Which shouldn’t be a surprise as he has been Marxist for decades.)  So who was that ‘gentleman’ in Russsia you ask?  His name was Vladimir Lenin!!

He had to build up backing for his movement in order to get it implemented — and that meant force — a large group of angry people,  who were willing to use force to get what they were told would be their reward.  That is when he created the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP).  That group ultimately became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

The name given to these people was the Bolsheviks.  If someone was in the way of moving the country to where Lenin wanted it, the Bolsheviks would use violence wherever needed.  Starting to see the parallel..?

Informally Lenin also had another name for ‘his people’.  In Russian that name is poleznym idiots (pronounced pol-ez-nium id-ioots).  Today we see the same ill-informed people on our streets creating chaos.  And to my mind Lenin’s nickname for those who helped create chaos for the sake of creating a new communist state in Russia also applies to the poleznym idiots here in the U.S. — that’s ‘useful idiots’ in English by the way.

This really isn’t a humorous subject.  The communist party here in the U.S. has been trying to convert our country through anarchy for decades.  They just haven’t gotten the idiots riled up enough to start a civil war.  However, if we keep marching down the road we are on …   it could happen.??

Now is the time for objective thinking Americans to share logical fact based knowledge wherever possible with those who have been swept up with the propaganda of the left.  Don’t fight them, educate them when you can.  The important thing to remember is, “we surround them”, they are the minority — for now.





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