Religious Views by Political Position

Islam was created by Mohammad around 650 AD.  (That’s 650 years after Christ shared His view with the world.  Which, was impressive enough to cause the world to restart the calendar!)  But today Islam is viewed to often the same as Christianity.

What you may find surprising is that democrats view Islam as no worse than the Christianity!  What are the stats, you ask?

Democrats Say Islam, Christianity Equally Violent

One should wonder what it is about that group that causes such thinking?  Admittedly in the 80’s there were actions against abortion clinics by a handful of nut-cases.  But since, the number of ‘Christian based’ violent acts has been minuscule.

To share a few facts which come from ‘the Obama State department’ regarding violence in this world, consider who were the deadliest religious groups in the world in 2015.

  • Taliban — 1093 incidents resulting in 4512 dead
  • ISIS — 931 incidents resulting in 6050 dead
  • Boco Hiram — 491 incidents resulting in 5450 dead
  • Mao Party (communists in India) — 343 incidents resulting in 176 dead

Note that the top three on Obama’s list were Islamists.

But of greater import, Christians (not atheists) don’t even show up on the list!  So how does that add up to equal?

My question is, where do we go from here..??




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