Demonstrators or Bolsheviks — Part II

If you didn’t read part one of this topic, please do before continuing as this article builds on the first.  Demonstrators or Bolsheviks?

Allow me to briefly state what my previous articles on communism within the United States would have told you.

The communist party within America has been trying to convert this country into a communist state for 100 years.  As hard as that may be to believe, there are plenty of historical facts to prove it.  They have used their common set of tools to morph this country from a hard working, Christian valued mass of society into one that is more self-centered with an attitude of being entitled than any time before.  They, the communists, have cloaked themselves in many ways including changing their name from communist to progressive.  Today we use the term socialist and progressive when we are really referring to communists.  What is the proof of this change?

If you look at the facts of our economics you will find that we are giving away more entitlements than any other time in our history.  The unemployed during the last eight years has been at times as high as it was during our first serious depression during the 1930’s.  The only reason we don’t have as many soup kitchens today is because we’re feeding (food stamps) almost 50% of the population with tax payer money!  Consequently we don’t feel the impact quite as much as we did then.  (In 1993 president Clinton changed the way unemployment was calculated making the numbers much smaller.)

To my point:

If you buy into the idea that the ‘party’ has been at work converting our capitalist society into a communist state for 100 years, then you can imagine how threatened they would be if anyone seriously made progress toward unraveling that effort.  Enter Donald Trump…

Trump has been in office now for less than three weeks.  Yet we’re seeing an insane level of demonstrations, rioting, destruction, etc.  Why all the upset you ask?  To my point, because they are threatened.  And like the bolsheviks, they will continue to do this as long as the new direction continues.  As Trump demonstrates more ‘success’, they will up their game and create more spectacular ‘demonstrations’.  In their mind, this is a battle that cannot be lost — much like the slave masters in our first civil war.

When I say ‘they’ you might think that ‘they’ are not all communists — which would be true.  Those who are not actual communists or anarchists are poleznym idiots (see part-I).  They wish to fight for a ‘righteous cause’ regardless if it makes sense or not.  They are in the right!  They are special people fighting for the underdog.  Common sense does not apply here.  It is what makes them feel good about themselves that counts.

The good news as I see it is that the majority of Americans fit the American mold — work hard, stay out of trouble, do what is right for the country, and support leadership that supports those values.  If we are the 70% and hold true to our values, fight for what is biblically right, then we will turn this country back around — with pain, but we’ll win.





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