Pew Research & Statistics — Police

I have referred to Pew Research a lot more than once or twice in the past on this blog.  But, I am currently cautious of referring to them without reviewing their findings a great deal.  I have found that they report ‘statistically’ what is happening in the topic being researched.  But one needs to look at the bias and tone of the report while reading it.  Sometimes the way things are written influences the reader to form a specific opinion — wording matters.

The following report speaks of police shootings and who is doing the shooting.  Having read the report, I can see a great deal of ‘fact’ in it.  But I found that the way they compare the ‘shooting cop’ (the minority) with the others is a bit slanted.  The impression the report gives me is that police who have used deadly force are prone to using force in general — not a fair comparison in my opinion.  But you can read the report yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Police officers who have fired their weapon on duty

A key point to consider is if you have hundreds of thousand of people on the streets with guns with the public’s authority to use deadly force, you’d think a LOT of people would be killed every year.  But you’ll find that it isn’t the case.

I must admit it is a sorry state when you start to question an organization like Pew Research.  But due to political correctness, many of us question almost everything we read, much less what we hear!





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